Property Management Services

Do you have some property you want to market for rent? As a property owner, you have many responsibilities including rent collection, inspection, maintenance etc. it’s how skilled you are as a landlord that makes you get the best out of your property. Here is the complete list of property management services you need to know,

Determine a proper rental rate: This is not something to be taken lightly. Evaluate your property thoroughly before you come up with a fixed rental rate. Perform a detailed documentation of the interior and exterior including pictures. Provide advice on repairs and cosmetic enhancements to maximise monthly rent while providing good Return On Investment (ROI). Gather usual rental rate data from other property owners in the area and decide an optimal rate. Discuss with other owners about the pros and cons of different policies like accepting pets, allowing smoking etc.

Market your property for rent: Ensure cleanliness, interior appeal and manicured landscaping to increase your property’s appeal. Create advertisements customised to the property in advertising mediums such as magazines/publications, free or paid rental listing websites, fliers etc. you can also work with other realtors and leasing agents to find a tenant. Keep your phone with you always so your potential tenants can call directly to receive information about the property. Meet prospective tenants and show the property to them.

Tenant screening and selection: Once you have chosen your list of prospective tenants, do a background check on them to verify their identity, income, rental history etc. Grade them based on your tenant criteria. Choose the one that ranks first on your list and informs others who were turned down.

Tenant move in: Draw up leasing agreement and confirm the move in date with the tenant. Review lease instructions with the tenant with reference to things like rental payment conditions and required property maintenance. Ensure all the agreements have been properly executed and perform a detailed inspection with the tenant and have them sign a report verifying the
condition of the property prior to moving in. collect first month’s rent and security deposit beforehand.

Rent collection: Establish a rent collection date and execute rent collection without fail. Hunting down late payments is a tiring and awkward process, enforce late fees and be sharp about it. Provide receipts for proper payments and fill relevant paperwork to initiate and complete an unlawful detainer action if eviction is needed. In case of eviction, coordinate with the law enforcement to remove the tenant and their possessions from the property.

Periodic inspections: Perform periodic inspections of the interior and exterior on a predefined schedule to look for needs of repair, safety hazards, lease violations, code violations etc. send detailed periodic reports of the inspection conducted on the condition of the property to the tenant.

Maintenance: Establish a preventive maintenance policy to identify and deal with repair needs. Assign repairing/maintenance work to people who are best for the job for the best price. Maintain outdoor areas by landscaping, leaf and snow removal, trash and debris removal etc. Maintain a 24-hour emergency repair hotline.

Tenant move out: If the lease period is over and the tenant is moving out, conduct an inspection of the property (interior & exterior) and fill out a report on the property’s condition when the tenant moves out. Provide a copy of the report and the estimated damages list to the tenant before they move out. Return the balance of the security deposit to the tenant. Clean the property and perform any repairs or upgrades needed. Re-key the locks and put the property back on the market for rent.
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ATEES Property – Real Estate Builder

In this busy world it is tiresome to look for a space to live in with all qualities up to the mark. A property with all facilities and budget to be matched to the expectations of the buyer is not that easy to accomplish. ATEES properties is a real estate builder located in the heart of Kerala’s cultural capital – Thrissur. We allows the customers to choose from a various number of plots, villas and apartment which meets their desire.

Customers are always special one’s from ATEES properties point of view, so would provide them with everything they deserve. Whatever the query may be, is welcomed with a open heart and the existing issues are resolved as fast as possible from our side. Reason why we are always a priority for the purchasers can be defined in simple set of words.

1. Customer are first preference
2. Good choice of living
3. Give value for money
4. High standard for the residents

ATEES property show excellency in every aspect from the scratch till end of the process. A well structured management comprising of professional architects and engineers are employed to showcase their best in the building procedure. All essential construction checklist are well organized by them like general building checks, early stage construction, flooring, plumbing, roofing, exterior and interior etc.

ATEES property aims at construction and development of commercial spaces with help in improving trust and satisfaction in the customers. We not shows path for luxury but care for the residents living in the polluted urban, so our construction has completed every steps to prove that it has an eco friendly environment packed with greenery. Proper waste management system is executed to maintain tidiness.

Passion for perfection can be seen during every phase and believe in building a strong foundation and makes way for more similar projects in the future. Normal construction concepts like planning, designing and development with extra furnish are provided by ATEES property so that they can have a long lasting memorable moments to remember.


Landlords or people of a residence have to handle the land depending on the area they own. Have you thought about increasing the land revenue before selling it? There are genuine ways of increasing the land revenue. It does not depend on whether it contains flats or villas for sale, home or barren land.

ATEES properties have properties for sale in Thrissur where this same is applicable according to land administrators. We offers one of the top properties for sale in Kerala.
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1.Scope for Future Development:

Landowners should have a deep insight to the future before buying or selling a land and lookout for commercial developments like schools, hospitals, transport etc which has a great impact on determining the land value.

2.Improve Accessibility:

If your land have no access to roads or basic commodities required in life, value of the land may descend depending on the criticality. Try constructing a quality tar road and make your land accessible from anywhere outside.

3.Concrete Fence is Necessary:

A standard concrete fence always enhances the price of the land. A fence is mainly used for security purpose so that no intruders can get into it without the prior permission of the owner. However fence also helps to calculate the perimeter of the plot too.

4.Save Water:

Water is precious for increasing land value too. People will only pick a land if it has got adequate water supply in it. So try erecting rain water harvesting methods to fetch water at the time of need and also dig for borewells or tube wells.Ensure that the deep land surface is not rocky which can block the incoming of water into the land.

5.Prevent Pollution:

Hinder contamination of the land or surroundings, keep it clean and tidy, stop throwing wastes to the environment which can lead to tremendous depreciation in the value of your land. It is suggested to plant greenery around the area which can help reduce pollution.

6.Proper Sewage:

Proper sewage system is necessary to drive off unwanted wastes from the area. Not only should it be avoided but also should have a proper disposal in way which does no harm to others.

7.Keep Building:

Adding more and more structures on the land which includes houses or any business buildings will be worthwhile to the owner as it attracts people’s heed to the area.This is especially meant for people who are business minded.